Welcome to The Tourist's Guide!

My name is Stephanie - I'm a New Yorker, recent grad and a few years ago, I caught the travel bug in the best way. I was lucky enough to spend close to 5 months living in 3 different countries for a study abroad program with my University, and as you may have guessed, I just couldn’t get enough.

At times, I’d catch myself rolling my eyes at people looking like tourists, like they don’t belong, like they weren’t trying as hard as I was to “look like a local”. But something I’ve come to realize, is that it’s a waste of your time. The reality of it is that no matter where you go, you are a tourist.

So I'm fully embracing it. Whether it's in my home city or somewhere abroad, I want to take you through the ups, downs and everything in between when visiting some of the worlds most iconic destinations.  

My home base is NYC, but I'm always itching to go somewhere new, and I can't wait to take you there with me!